Tea Tree and Frisbee

Today I went a wandering through a tea tree maze

then down through the rain forest

against all dire warnings

about it being snake and tic season


But I would not listen to reason

No snakes or shed skins did I spy

but broke many a spider web on my way

guess the fear season gives them freedom


To weave their webs across the paths

bush turkeys and rats my sole company

I loved the nature and weird sculptures

but avoided getting my camera


Will go back to write a review

as it’s a quirky pleasant place

Sauntered through the Botanic Garden

what odd bins they had


Then found out they invented frisbee golf

and set up nine holes in the garden

Couldn’t sight any Frisbees in the trees

or littered on the grass


No teams driving about in their lazy carts

Then up to the racecourse

a pastime I disapprove

but those horses are so elegant


I watch completely bemused

Their bright café beckoned

but it faced a factory wall

The locals don’t take advantage


Of their amazing water views

so off to the Lennox surf club

for an ice-cream by the beach

plenty of exercise within easy reach


ok so these grounds were pretty amazing boob poles, weird sculptures and this bizarre door in the middle of the rain forest going nowhere … it made me smile when I found it … but it’s taken a massive internet search just to find this photo … the place pushes it’s products not its quirky scenic setting that was so spell-binding!?!

Maybe it was an Australian version of Alice in Wonderland … Kate in Ballina


    • lol an igloo bar, love the concept … no idea what was inside this one … I could walk around it but didn’t actually open it to see if there was another dimension within 🙂


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