Every living creature has an endless well of love in their heart

but we get distracted by worldly pursuits, emotions and habits


Once we have that flash of insight

we know we must use all our might

to live as ethically as possible

to take responsibility for all our words thoughts and deeds

to listen and help others with their authentic needs


but there is no saviour complex

or overwhelming duress

each must do their own work


We cannot preempt or rescue

only offer guidance if asked

for each is responsible for their own task


the immense misery and blindness

is so readily perceived

so deep inner work is needed


loving kindness, care and concern

ignites that unconditional love at our heart

but daft doormats we ain’t


as we become more compassionate

we know boundaries are crucial

for the childish lack discipline


alone time vital for introspection

treat others with due respect

but not buy into their dramas


for until we connect with this limitless well

and know every intimate aspect of ourselves

our capacity is not only blind but also confined


by so many gross and subtle obscurations

keep peeling those innumerable layers off

stay focused on that inner development!