Machines hooked Gail in

for eight year old son it was a sin

Took her from home most nights,

luckily he doesn’t take fright.


From gambling debts

twice now declared bankrupt

His scout cub funds she embezzled

it’s the only way of life he knows


Now it’s some kind Catholic nuns

who gave them cheap rent

Their books she will cook next,

just can’t help herself!


Their furniture she sells

to continue playing in her own hell.

She has a very good heart,

always best intentions at the start.


But bad habits run deep

and into another pub she will creep.

Smokes heavy, sits on one drink

as continual coins she does sink.


Feeling sure that this one will win

Those machines are such a big sin!

for many families they do break

Wasting money, she says ‘for son’s sake’?


Credit cards they do fake.

Anything to keep playing

It’s all out of control

What chance in life has he?


10.2.2006 – please note that coins are no longer acceptable,
gamblers can waste even more money on their cards …


  1. I’ve watched people play slot machines and am fascinated with their intensity of play and their single minded focus. I play Texas Hold’m Poker a few times a year with family. $20 buy-in. I enjoy it because you are interacting with people. But interacting in that manner with a machine. I just don’t see it. Loved the poetry and the message Kate.

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  2. Oh Gail..and so many other Gail’s life has been ruined by gambling….
    We all know its repercussions already but why do people do it still anyway? it ignorance or lack of awareness or simly an case of stupidity?

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