Sid was a tall athletic gent

now his body is all bent

hacking cough he has got

too much smoking and rot!


He started too young

with his school chum

as a bit of a dare

they lit up to share


a cigarette, thinking they were ‘cool’

now who seems the real fool?

it’s addictive, he has lost

Too much money it has cost


Health now being checked

lungs filled with tar

so can’t run too far

Oxygen he will need


Maybe even a tube to feed

as body parts break down

he seems a daft clown

slow suicide it is!


Put his family in a tis

Why did he light up

now he spits in a cup

such a filthy bad habit


So hard to break

give up now for life sake?

Fill your lungs just with clean air

Show your body that you really care!


11.07.2005 – decided to post some of my original poems

tobacco is a drug of addiction

so quit with strong conviction!


    • yes the industry paid billions to market it as cool and manly, sadly young ones are still taking up this bad habit … thanks for sharing your story Len 🙂


    • wow thanks Rupali but I doubt newspapers publish poetry … not heard of it so I wouldn’t know where to start … I wrote a whole series on various drugs/addictions which I understand the NZ Drug and Alcohol Dept may have used … I was living there when I wrote them 🙂

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