Jackie French

Knowing my interest in sustainable living someone suggested I read “Earth Garden” an Australian magazine produced in WA. Found in larger libraries … my local one here would qualify as a tiny library. Only the size of the average lounge room there is not space for much. But fifteen minutes drive away is the library that has it all. The back copies are well worth reading.

 Browsing my way through the five I bought home there is a repetitive theme on tiny homes, chooks, organic gardening and most things pertaining to the alternative lifestyle.

One writer really stood out, Jackie French is a well published, 240 books, and well-known Australian! Has published many children’s so I’m guessing that Norah may already know her. But having lived abroad for years there is much I have missed here. 

Jackie has won more than 60 national and international awards, been awarded an AM, is active in her local community near Braidwood, NSW, and is a patron of many organisations to help children and the earth.  A real activist who has turned her farm into a conservation refugee for wombats and others.

 Anyway for the Aussie readers … or the keen ones abroad you can order both this magazine and her books on line. Here are a few nuggets to give you a taste:

 Earth Garden

  • hempcrete is the ‘new’ you beaut building material, easier than mud bricks
  • some chooks lay more than others but bullying, stress, diet, water do impact
  • cut out an old water tank for privacy for my outdoor solar shower or bbq pit
  • self-sufficiency does take more effort but is well worthwhile

 Jackie French

  • dislikes “junk thrust in my face, shopping as entertainment to till up empty lives”
  • “working with and for others makes us happier and more fulfilled”
  • “each day give random gifts eg smile or share something”
  • “surround yourself with good people doing good things … find your community”


  1. This is an awesome share Kate. My third daughter recently brought home a set of metal juice straws which she bought online. And we ask her to explain what is it all about. We learned that dringking plastic straws are the main reason sea turtles die and became extinct. So to help save turtles she will no longer use plastic straw… so now we are all thinking of buying the same set too for each one of us.

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    • yes that’s what it’s about Mich, spreading the word and making smarter choices!
      … you are not just saving sealife but imagine all the money you’re saving by not using throw away junk!
      I have my own durable coffee cup so I don’t use throw aways. There really are so many simple but smart ways to help this crisis situation.

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