Birds – Foto Fun


  1. Oh FLOCK, I love birds so much! HOOT have thought it!
    Kate, your photos of these birds are very TWEET! Such beautiful birds! And you caught them doing such wonderful birdy things!
    WREN it comes to birds, I could watch them all day…but, that would be HAWKWARD because I’d get nothing else done! I’ve learned so much from watching birds!
    Sorry that I’m RAVEN on and on about birds! I’m such a silly GOOSE at times!
    OWL do you a favor and FLY away now! 😉
    And please forgive me for all of these puns! I know they’re FOWL!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I have been trying to get a beautiful of that bird out side our window so that i can join this foto fun…but arrgģhhhh i always dont make it on time…anyways..i still have enough time i hope i get of shot of him before Friday .

    P.S. we actually don’t know if its a raven or what..but its black and it has a really loud chirping voice…lol

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