Daily Quote 16

Daily Quote 1


  1. With the influx of technology and with the demand to be great (however it takes), the idea of appreciating every little thing is becoming rare…people want more, that they missed out on that special little something.

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    • well said Mich … I hadn’t thought about the tech impact … we certainly expect instant gratification … we need to stop and smell the roses as they say 🙂


    • I think that more people should delete things I write. Sometimes fruit trees get all out of hand (I was going to say rose bush, but that would be a bit …) and all twisted up and need a harsh pruning.
      Maybe digging out weeds would be a better analogy.

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      • lol I often say that behaviours, like shrubs and kids need trimming … boundaries in which to abide and as it is my blog I often delete posts and lots of comments, mostly mine 🙂


  2. Sometimes when we sing…others wish not to hear us.
    Their loss to not join in the happy tune.
    Even the first snowfall brings a gentle flute tune…

    Good neighbors are a genuine blessing!

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