Met a man who touched my heart deeply. Had just been commenting on Drew’s post about teen suicide, a topic I connect to through previous work.

This man and his wife had just bankrupted their business and sold their home to pay off debts incurred by her drug-abusing son. This druggie had fathered eight to three women who were into his scene but he had not cared for any. Now this couple forced into retirement and maybe dreaming of the grey nomad experience were given a few days to decide whether to take on the care of five grandkids 2.5 – 10 years of age or let them get lost in the foster care system.

They decided to take on the care and the community rallied around them. A five-bedroom house was offered at reasonable rent. The op shops clothed them all and provided the furnishings. Lions club moved everything in and helped them to set up.

Now three years later he is still doing handyman jobs to help pay the bills and the kids are doing very well at school. An older sibling suicided at 21 years so tragedy plagues them. But they are a strong community involved family who care and connect at a meaningful level.