Tortoise Talk

“Geoff why am I continually telling you that we can’t keep having these conversations where others might hear.”

“But Sir Thomas parliament needs your input into who should be our Chief Justice? And you”

“Only a yank would involve an old turtle … I might be wise but I’m no fool! You need to give me a candidate with impeccable values not these aggressors with zero respect for half our population.”

“Please sir we need your endorsement”

“Read my lips, find a gentleman who respects women you have enough psychopaths in charge already. The Brits just wouldn’t allow it.”

Carrot Ranch Rodeo Dialogue Competition – 99 words no more or less

apologies if this seems like fact, names have been changed to protect the innocent

winners and honourable mentions have just been published
… I didn’t appear anywhere no matter how hard I looked …

And a second attempt!

“There’s Gramps talking to the tortoise”

“Well what did you expect …”

“Aw give it a break girls”

“Now those kids over there think I’ve lost the plot, what would they know! I was only checking with you coz you’re in the know …”

“How many times have I told you, we shouldn’t have these conversations where others might hear us.”

“Come on Gramps or we’ll miss the bus?”

“Yea yea but who will win the footy this weekend? You’re the only one with 100% accuracy so far. Others can’t even call it an hour before the final whistle.”

Yep that tortoise can predict the footy winners each week with perfect accuracy …
the only talking tortoise I’ve met, and he follows the footy …
what more could a bloke want, Geoff has it all!


  1. My advise Kate (or my prediction, if it is an oracle you seek) is that writing competitions are sources only of frustration and disappointment (though I did like the winning entry in this particular one). And if I had to be picky (which, of course, I do) then I’d suggest that you missed a full stop in the last bit of dialogue.

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  2. I donot know the context of this story but you are unique in your own ways either you win or not.
    Talking about “innocent”, oh we have quite a few and the followers believe in every fake video they post. No arguing even the journalists are sleeping.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good write, Kate!
    And the photo is so cool! That turtle is a wise one, as most turtles are. 🙂
    Sorry to hear you weren’t among the mentions. But with each write and each submission/entry you grow. AND others get to read your great writes! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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