Dream or Reality …

I can imagine how it would be

if we would all just let each other be

Diversity allowed full range

No malicious gossip, backstabbing

put downs or violence


We would wander about all smiles no frowns

a serene and accepting world,

No hate only love unfurled

where we would greet and care

openly share, all were kindly honest


We would be so mellow without fear

Anxiety and depression would disappear

for with open acceptance, nobody shunned

all would be uplifted, embraced, have fun

laughter and joy would surely prevail …


this was my dream on waking this morning …


    • Nope. Not at all. And the boys aren’t either. We’re demanding of specific behaviors and manners and work ethic. But we don’t ride them 24/7. We’re both children of hippies, so we are for sure liberal…even in our parenting. However, when need be, the hammer can be brought down, swiftly. On me too. 😃😃

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  1. Every person’s dream – such a beautiful hope.
    I read on the Good New Section how a young girl was helped by the Make-a-Wish foundation –
    Now she is one of their greatest volunteers and hopes to open her own non-profit or even use her business education to work for that organization!

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    • thanks Paul, I try to convey this every time I do casual work as there usually is a very toxic work environment which arises from insecurity and jealousy but people just can’t let go, can’t just be …. 😦

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