Some use their tragedy to educate the masses. Talk to politicians, schools, service clubs, whoever will listen. About the ongoing violence and abuse, the demeaning vitriol and sadistic mind games that was their life for far too long.

But some feed off the drama, others wonder why they never left, most can’t listen with their heart. We don’t want to believe this is our sons, fathers and husbands.

They hold mass candle light vigils to mark extremely violent deaths, or the just sheer vast numbers. But still the laws and attitudes don’t really change. The women are to blame.


Carrot Ranch Challenge November 1, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a festival of lights. It can be any holiday, event or moment. Express the hope of light over darkness. Or use it to highlight injustice. Go where the prompt leads.


  1. You are right. I feel that the law is too soft on criminals. I’m tired of hearing nothing but bad news all the time. I don’t listen to or watch the news anymore.

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  2. In recent times in India there were many cases of a serious organised type of crime, “mob lynching” have been reported. The sadest part is that the educated either support the crime or keep mum. In most of the cases the victim belonged to poor families.

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  3. What is really so awkward is when signs were given and ignored. I’m not saying for the most current tragedies. But definitely for some within the last 5 – 10 years.

    One good thing I do see is the campaigns for and more actual participation of fathers in child care and consciousness responsible raising of children.

    I am not sure how schools these days can deal with current events. Hopefully some teachers can get it across to the majority of the students that most people are good.


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