Daily Quote 4

Anger is Ugly


  1. Excellent quote and photo combo, Kate. 🙂
    They make me think about the fact that anger rarely helps and so often destroys. 😦 Especially when anger is directed toward people…their hearts can be as fragile, beautiful, and delicate as those flower petals.

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  2. I have a bit of anger
    But I hide behind a flower
    I’m a slave to my convictions
    But I’m good with will power
    Cant sing my song in public
    So I do it in the shower
    When asked for an opinion
    I’m ashamed
    And I cower

    But the world is getting scarier
    We’re experiencing a curse
    I’m frightened of the future
    ‘Cause things are getting worse
    I don’t speak what I am thinking
    I express myself in verse
    Is it time for euthanasia?
    Will someone call the nurse?

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