Daily Quote 3



  1. Beautiful pairing!

    And your quote has me thinking…Having wisdom and living by it, modeling it, and sharing it is a great kindness to others! And you, my friend, are so wise AND so kind and I appreciate you! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. Kindness and wisdom
    Are what we need
    That and an occasional
    Decent feed
    And a glass of wine
    From time to time
    A few clever words
    That manage to rhyme
    A girl in my arms
    With moist red lips
    With flowing hair
    And welcoming hips
    A river to cross
    A mountain to climb
    But to do all this
    I need more time
    I still need to laugh
    I still need to sing
    Darling, I still need

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    • But I don’t mind giving others a head start. I like the idea of sprinting to the front in the last few hundred metres of a marathon. Overtaking tired and unsuspecting opponents. Hearing the applause. Basking in the adoration of the bewildered crowd. Charming the ladies with clever repartee whilst barely puffing. Smiling for the interview.
      As I say – I like the idea. I’ve never actually done it.

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