Three things are for sure


We will pay taxes galore

Pain and problems eat at our core

Death will come to our door


The first is a chore that we all abhor

Self-awareness makes the others less raw!


    • lol only becomes less of a burden Mich once we’ve dealt with it … made our will, shared with others what kind of service, cremation or burial, etc … I’m donating my corpse to my uni for med students to train on 🙂

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    • oh I do love that … is it your own?
      That is so deep ..

      How did you go today … not seen a post yet, busting to know what topic you settled on?


      • Oh, come on …. of course it’s my own. No-one else would own up to it.
        I did actually make a start today … but a slow one. It’s about a man pleading for the love of his father …. or something like that.

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        • I wrote a small snippet today …. but it was amazing how much of the idea started to materialise. It is another matter to put it into words.

          Essentially though ….. my character battles with his deceased mother for the love and approval of his father. Meanwhile he befriends a woman who achieves fame whilst escaping from her own history of abuse – so they are both damaged and both highly suspicious of each other. Eventually they discover an unconventional sort of love but they still fail to defeat their demons – choosing to embrace them instead. There are deaths and disasters along the way. And maybe a few laughs.

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