Fashion has nothing on natures beauty

her style and colours nakedly displayed

for our sheer pleasure but she can also

be confronting showing her rage when

we ignore her unwritten natural lore


We have raped the oceans then

polluted her wondrous waterways

tsunami an expression of her disgust

We rape the earth plundering her

treasures then wonder why quakes


Shake us to the core .. it’s coz we ignore

respect and the example of original

landowners who knew about balance

and moderation. She will willingly

share but we must learn to be fair


Our one percenters stockpile their

assets blatantly ignoring natures ability

to call them to task as they enslave

and brainwash the masses she will

unleash her retaliation in an obscure way


They suffer depression, insecurity and more

for wealth does not ensure a peaceful mind

for they need to seriously find a more kind

manner, share and care coz she has their

number and will confront in own her way …


these are both taken from the door of my home exactly ten days apart ..