Natural Beauty

Fashion has nothing on natures beauty

her style and colours nakedly displayed

for our sheer pleasure but she can also

be confronting showing her rage when

we ignore her unwritten natural lore


We have raped the oceans then

polluted her wondrous waterways

tsunami an expression of her disgust

We rape the earth plundering her

treasures then wonder why quakes


Shake us to the core .. it’s coz we ignore

respect and the example of original

landowners who knew about balance

and moderation. She will willingly

share but we must learn to be fair


Our one percenters stockpile their

assets blatantly ignoring natures ability

to call them to task as they enslave

and brainwash the masses she will

unleash her retaliation in an obscure way


They suffer depression, insecurity and more

for wealth does not ensure a peaceful mind

for they need to seriously find a more kind

manner, share and care coz she has their

number and will confront in own her way …


these are both taken from the door of my home exactly ten days apart ..


  1. I love the fashionable voice you gave to mother nature ….she looks absolutely stunning despite of the many injustice done to her for so long….she remained calm and still as evidently captured in your photographs. Yet we know that at times she too roars loudly and furiously when needed…

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    • I volunteer with my local elders, they have so much knowledge and wisdom … we look like fools beside them and to think how they’ve been treated and denigrated … it’s shameful!

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          • Here there is the ongoing “Truth and Reconcilation Commission” set up by the government to hear and work on the wrongs dealt to First Nations people and in particular the Residential School System, which was for the most a plan to assimilate First Nations youth into western/Canadian culture and thus destroy their heritage. Happened to occur for over 100 years or so, up until the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.

            Bad blight on who we are as people for sure. Children where taken from their families, shipped 100’s of miles to “boarding schools” run by the Catholic Church. A sad commentary. That has affected generations of First Nations people.

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            • same here we stole their children literally and sadly still do, the trauma of not having ‘family or country’ is sheer torture for them … what we hear most about here is the number of your first nation women who are missing assumed dead and that these are not being properly investigated 😦

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              • Yes. There is a big push to set up a Royal Commission to investagate the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women situation(the lack of thorough and substantive police/RCMP investigations) throughout the country.

                Again, another sad commentary on our country.

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              • No kidding. Collaboration between church and state to wipe out a nation of people. I think there is a strong push in Canada to get the current Pope to offer an “official apology” from the church for the acts against our First Nations. Not much has come of it from what I understand.

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              • yes I’d had great hopes for this one but seems they are a mere puppets of a wealth making machine 😦
                He promised to stamp out abuse but sanctions his right hand man Pell who knew and therefore condoned so much here. Did send him over for court but then it got buried … guessing his back home in his luxurious apartment at the vatican … shameful!

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