Daily Quote

for you!


  1. Shout into the breeze
    And say as you please
    Direct your next call
    Towards a brick wall
    Whistle your tune
    As you speak to the moon
    When all else is said
    You can talk to the dead

    But ….

    If you think of a word
    That you just must have heard
    Then please have a chat
    You may speak through your hat
    And perhaps it’s a start
    If you speak from your heart
    But it’s no lesser farce
    If you speak through your arse.

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    • thanks Mich… it has been my dream since I started blogging 3 years ago but have finally found the time to work out how to do it on power point … another reader suggested Publisher but I can’t afford those programs … got to try and stay within the budget now I’m paying so much for data 🙂
      You’re kids could show you how to do it … most their age can do anything with technology …

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