A silent voice

This is so deeply profound, please read it to become wiser and better educated …

Screaming at you is an explicit silent voice you don’t hear

Her eyes show agony you fear

You used to blandish her for her beauty, she now has lost

She became victim of a stranger’s lust

In case you haven’t realised this,

I dare your rabbit ears

When the dark and silence meets,

Will they hear a cry too fierce or the filthy gossips about her among your peers?

I dare your agitated eyes

Will they see affliction in her eyes or the fear of being talked at for your and her ties?

I dare your tempted hands

[….. more lines, please read the post]

For this silent voice has remained silent year after year.

via A silent voice


      • frankly I think they are lost souls who just have no idea how to have an actual relationship … relationships take work and they can’t put in the effort so forced sex is their only release … sad and physco really

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