Fresh Air

Nature shares her boundless beauty

Skies of many vivid hues

Mountains with splendorous views

Flowers and foliage to feast upon

Oceans and rivers to soothe our soul

Seasons that exhibit her innate power


Yet we miss so much as we rush by

Busy with our trivial matters

Oblivious to her constant companionship

Observe and get excited

For she is a limitless well of wonder

And if we fail to preserve her


We will all need to move to mars

To wander homeless amongst the stars

For she can give or take

So be wary not to forsake

Her very sacred bounty

She gives us air to breath!


Without this air we will expire

She gives us unconditional life and love

No tricks or games or innuendo

So respect and preserve her

Or face the peril of our insidious rape

Of her bounty, for our own life sake!


Inspired by PVC – a nature lover named after plastic, how ironic is that!


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