He sat at the bus stop waiting

Buses pulled in and drove off

Passengers climbed on or left

Not sure what he was waiting for

A girl, a friendly dog, an umbrella


Time and friends would come and go

Did he want to share their lives or

watch and gloat. Would he just wait

or participate. What was he thinking

Why did he wait. Life flowed by


Then he gave a long strong sigh

For waiting was now his habit

He’d glimpsed so much, but

Heart was numb not sure of

What he could or should do


Everyone knew him and waved

Friendly but distant they shaved

A few minutes from his routine

Waiting forever seemed obscene

But he wanted to get it right


So life slide by as he waited

Not sure what to do or when

So full of dreams but wanting

To be really sure to do it right

But time passed as it might …


Friday Foto Fun