Are you a straight shooter

able to call a spade a spade

realistic honest and true blue


or prattle on with a false façade

wearing masks unwilling to peal

back the layers that only fool us


Get to know yourself and be real

don’t be a fence sitter, a false fool

look inside to see what you hide


for when we are true to ourselves

others respond in like manner

games shut down and life blooms!


  1. I love the flow of this poem… and the topic. You say it straight.

    Lying is a massively selfish and destructive act which damages the liar as well as the one being lied to. Liars are both weak and stubborn. I lived for 20 years with a liar. My son takes after him.

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  2. I was raised to be honest. I am older now and still I am honest with everyone. I hate liars and this is a true fact. Liars have no place in our world just look at some world leaders and the messes they make by lying.

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