In a rut

With your job




Sometimes we need

To spice things up

Do something different

Make a change

Take a risk


Life is all too brief

Dont let it seep away

Live with few regrets

Follow your dreams

Indulge your passions


Make new friends

Try new things

Be adventurous

Get creative

Learn something new


Don’t wallow or wait

Or leave it too late

Dont be so sedate

Embrace love, dont hate

Live now dont wait for fate


Set your priorities

Know your core values

Where would you rather be

Know yourself to be free

Ignite your inner light to see


Know that you are precious

And all the answers are inside

All things external only distract

Mental chatter can drive you insane

Listen to stillness to ease your pain


Don’t just read this and wonder

Force yourself out of that rut

Don’t waste your life

Stop drama and strife

Achieve pure serenity