Girls Grooming

Next time youre in the salon
having your nails or hair done
think of these country chicks
after a few days of heavy rain
they pounced upon this platform
to keep their feet dry as they
fastidiously preen their plumage

No local salons attend to their beauty
so they improvise their natural features
with only a couple of strutting roosters
there is far too much competition
who will fertilise their eggs to hatch
some new chicks or have them snatched
for someone
s breakfast natural selection!

my pic from the alpaca farm where I lived off grid in my tiny home


  1. Apt similarity to girls in front of the mirror. Each to herself – but girls have to have input. “Oh my hair is awful today.” “This color is dreadful on me.” All that kind of pleading for compliments. Love the picture. Unique.

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    • they are indeed and must admit I’ve never really felt compelled to write a book but the other day I heard a true life story, greater than fiction, that is slowly drawing me in …

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      • I am glad about it. whether I comment or not, I like your writing style, the free flowing words, the rhyme and the message you convey.
        Have a nice weekend.


    • oh yes, that is right outside my front door, always have about a dozen chooks clucking after me and 1-3 alpacas in the field with me … they are the reason I can’t have a garden 🙂


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