When govt assets get sold off to raise funds

it is the death knoll for efficient service at

reasonable prices. Businesses are bought

purely for profit so the community losses.

Prices escalate, services are not maintained

yet corrupt pollies turn a blind eye for they

have already pocketed their plush kickbacks.


When services are funded according to outcomes

everyone losses again. Coz scrimping on wages

and vital equipment puts our well being at risk.

Staff are pushed beyond their limits, the public

wear the brunt. Education and health have

the life squeezed out of them, services drop!

Prices rise, consumerism the boom


When welfare services are blamed for budget

issues know that its merely a ploy to agitate

the general public so the lid stays on with not

even one increase in decades yet cost of living

has sky-rocketed. Where is the humanity and

what of the gross poverty where people cant

pay their basic bills look to your pollies


still lining their pockets. Helicopter rides,

chauffeurs for their dogs, exorbitant wifi

and still they bicker and carry on worse

than any pre-schooler. Constant change

of PM means we pay billions in their wages

n massive fringe benefits. Their sheer greed

and blatant disregard will ignite a revolution!