Worldly Whims

Do you have to have this and that

Work to renew those devices

Wear the right clothes

Drive the right car

Have the perfect home


Has this made you perfectly
Happy content and satisfied?


If not then shed the unnecessary

Cull back to the bare essentials

Change your attitude and focus

Sort your values, set priorities

Know yourself to find freedom


This brings me genuine happiness

Contentment and real satisfaction


Without trying the alternative

And checking societal norms

You are blindly led down the

Throw away materialistic abyss

Save yourself now to live joyfully


Do you want to be happy

Content and satisfied?


Or are you prepared to waste this life

Slave to your every wilful desire

Chasing a never ending quagmire

Of elusive worldly accumulation

Distracting you from inner peace


You are very precious so please

Be happy content and satisfied


Only you have the power to ensure

This by finding your real purpose

Makes life so much more meaningful

And inner riches do organically unfold

Turn inwards for authentic nourishment!


Then you will be genuinely happy

Calmly content and sincerely satisfied


  1. Reblogged this on Blog of Hammad Rais and commented:
    What we runs after in our life explains a lot about who we really are. While many we know do have their own priorities and goals, when it comes to our own selves, we should be doing what is best for us.

    The world we live in loves to persuade us into materialism through different ways but once you have set up your own vision and goal clearly, there will be no diversion in achieving what you want to achieve.

    Read out this lovely piece by Calm Kate about what is more important to us than what we do consider important.

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  2. I need this so much kate .. please help me . Nothing is happening good with me. I’m so frustrated with this stupid life . From couple of days I’ve looking myself trapped or strangled . Just want to get out Of it . You’re such a great poet Kate . Every posts of yours are always motivating and inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sameer you need to look for the positives however small they are and be grateful for what does go well … by giving the good things more focus you stop dwelling on the negatives, please 🙂

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