Living off grid lessens our carbon footprint and can inspire others.

My only power source is solar but my landlord uses it most days for his power tools … free power for us all. Should add here that I can do most things during the day, he uses power tools, I stitched four curtains one day. The power is plentiful when there is sunlight. But as soon as that sun sets you are on a more nominal back up battery. So I can cook dinner, recharge my devices and use the LED lights but I wouldn’t sew or use power tools then.

Solar fridge is probably the only specialised unit, everything else is from the shop as you would normally buy. Cook with an induction hotplate that I would highly recommend as it’s instant heat and my meal is cooked in 2-4 minutes without the plate or wok even getting hot. Uses less power whatever your source.

The compost loo works a treat once it’s set up, so no sewage works needed. Or gallons of water to flush! Claim that bin can be used for six months then swapped out for the other one while the full one decomposes before being added to your garden. Some say not on your vegetables but compost is compost and is usually made with creatures manure so why not ours.

Have a cute 2kg washing machine set in the bathroom wall which washes well, just got to do a few more washes as it only does a little at a time. Grey [used] water drains into the orchard to keep those trees well watered so even that is recycled.

If you’ve got any questions ask away …