Black n White

are you a black and white person
or radiating a multi-coloured hue

those you love have absolutely no faults
so you are loyal generous and caring

while others you hold at a distance
reluctant to give them a hand

or try to embrace all equally
treating them all in a similar vein

it’s how we treat others that reflects
our genuine character, for it’s too easy

to discriminate, judge and foster hate
more effort is needed to share our care

but what a loving and contented world
we’d have if we extend our hand more often



  1. I just read a Good News story of a college student who saw a local homeless man with very old shoes. The student went and got the man, and a man next to him new shoes. Free. So they could walk in comfort to the shelter to get meals.

    There really are good people. When you know what you are looking for you can spot the living angels. 🙂


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