It’s a story of fiery anger

No idea what set them off

But rooster and peahen

Were chasing each other

In an infuriated frenzy

Rooster dashed into the orchard

Peahen so bloated with anger

He couldn’t see an entrance

Looked like rooster was saved

Till anger got the better of him

And he charged the peahen

Breaking through the fence

To some he may look trapped

But at any stage he could back out

Yet fury held him there as peahen

Pecked relentlessly like a mindless

Industrial machine, pecked his neck

Until I intervened

Too late it seemed

As rooster wounds killed him

The peahen a real weapon

but anger killed that rooster

so inflated he couldn’t save himself!


Please don’t let your anger kill you

For it eats us from inside

Can manifest as sickness

But its only our wounded pride!


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