Listen and Learn

When troubles rise up to challenge us

take heed for the lessons they teach

nothing happens without reason

so be sure to look for the message


Have we done something similar to others

none of us are so unworthy

know yourself and your real value

for we are all have a purpose


Feed your positive passions

lessen your harmful self-speech

Foster your core values

and just be the best that you can!


  1. Beautiful wisdom, Kate! 🙂 I, too, believe things happen for a reason. So I always try to find the good or the lesson involved. And those that cannot be found…I still believe it/they will in some way be for our benefit as time goes on.
    It is sad to me when I hear people say they don’t know their purpose or they don’t think they have a purpose. 😦

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  2. Nothing really happens without reason for it….and the least we can do is find the good even in the worst situation (there would always be)…

    beautiful poem to read as i wake up…..

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