Setting Up Off Grid

This is the delivery

can you spot the mistake?

Builder will only listen to praise

not open to improving his product


Here is the compost loo

shame the flu

is only half mast

fumes make me garsp


Inside is totally delightful

the attention to detail

quality materials

plenty of storage and light


Grey water has different sized outlets

none joined; outside power points unsafe

gutters splash over the power and gas

sky light has warped the roofing


Legs to stabilize quite fragile

too bad if you don’t own your block

steps and patio in doubt

until I find the perfect spot


I wouldn’t change anything

as this is the dream

eventually things will settle

having paid work sure helps!


Amore just published on Spillwords


  1. I didn’t notice any other fault than “gutters splash over the power and gas” which is not a good thing.
    Sorry you have to adjust a lot with a brand new structure. Builder should have provided at least 99% perfect structure. Are the outer fittings not their responsibility?

    With all its fault, still it’s home sweet home. I hope you are happy.

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  2. That septic container doesn’t look big enough 🙂 apart from the gutters and down pipes, is there a stabiliser bar at the hitch end of the trailer? and there was no pull out step – but was that intentional? Perhaps not a mistake but an addition post build would be an awning on the door. Looks fabulous, you have made a start on the great dream.

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  3. Interesting ….
    Beyond all mistakes I keeping loving your house.
    Hey I’m really fascinated by your house . It’s so sweet . I want to live in that house even for 1 day .

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  4. It doesn’t matter the size of your home ownership.
    There is always something. We too are looking into some specialized cutters so hubby doesn’t have to go on the roof to clean them out.
    And as for other stuff… ‘compost happens’

    One day you’ll hopefully figure out how to correct those oddities that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

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