Rank Dank Mud

Asleep at last, a brief reprieval from the relentless wind and rain … such a violent storm.
Then about midnight we’re woken by a violent piercing crack, what the … ?

Goodness that was the mountainside sliding downhill, trees, homes, vehicles, road, pets and people. The quagmire is astounding, the sight disturbing. The mind and emotions are numb.

Disbelief resides with distress as we try to get our heads around this monumental mess. No one can describe the sight of mud mixed with trees and torn structures. Buildings, roads and vehicles strewn about in pieces like kindling emerged in mud. Thick dank rank mud. We can’t believe what we see coz it’s just too horrifying to comprehend.

Facilities are out, power, water and sewage are no longer functioning. Groceries are scarce as we all panic buy in bulk. The roads impassable so no idea when help will get through. The shock and fear just too overwhelming to grasp or express.

Then with time and sun the smell settles like an unwanted guest. The debris, mud and waste all rotting in one ginormous compost heap. But there is no bin to contain it … this is our neighbourhood, our friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

All sounds are muffled like they are also stuck in the mud. We are muted, no one dare speak loudly, our tongues are tied. None of us will ever be able to block out that resounding crack and weird sound as the sky came down to meet the earth crushing everything in between.

Other than assure our loved ones that we were safe we don’t use our phones coz there is no power to charge them and what would we say anyway. Everything is the same dull dank colour and the smell blocks all orifices.

Carrot Ranch Challenge, 297 words … and the next editing of this story for this challenge


  1. It seemed that you perfectly wrote exactly what happened in one of the provinces in my country…there was a landslide and people died….it was a mess and really heartbreaking…they say mining could have contributed to that…and in another province it was the quarrying that made the landslied worst too..

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  2. I can smell the rank dank mud! It stank(s)! 😀
    Great write, Kate!!! 🙂
    Living in Northern California we saw many mudslides during hard rain storms. 😦 We saw houses slide down hills. 😦 It was scary and sad. 😦

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  3. What a horrifying situation. We hear about similar so often on the news. I’m fortunate that is the only place I am aware of it. Not so many others. You paint it well.

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  4. Such a realistic take on the mudslide, getting into the thick of it. I hope you continue, Kate, and experience how TUFF will process this story and surprise you with what it has to reveal to you as the author.

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