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My previous post inspired a few good laughs about what stepping up for a cause is about. “Activists”. Who are these odd people on the news being called some version of ‘Post-Modern Social Marxists” or some such non-existent epithet? Community (not Communist) activism is neither Marxist nor some mysterious hippy, trippy march into an abyss […]

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  1. I tried to post this comment in her comment box but for some weirs reasons i cant post it ai i thought of copying it and posting it here kate..i hope it gets through her.

    Got here tru kate and i am glad i did..this is such powerful post which reminds me of my younger self when i used to march down to our school principal’s office and voice out an issue…or that one incident when i wrote something in our school paper and our school admin threatened kick me out of school if i don’t make a public apology..which i did not cos there was nothing to apologize after all…twas a simple case of a young student journalist speaking on behalf of the student body ..

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