when my tiny home was delivered

I had no idea how much work

was necessary to set it all up


level the land then stablise the unit

engineering skills to set up compost loo

plumbing skills to catch n drain the grey water


tank set high for water pressure

mini downpipes to catch the gutter run off

plus mini leaf guard to keep them clean

[neither of these mini’s exist in reality]


steps built to actually get inside

a patio with awning to sit outside

fencing to keep livestock out


grey water is the only one ticked off

steps and loo partially done in a rough

and makeshift manner


full-time work came when needed

but now lack time to work on my dream

many fascinated but help not offered


My job is insanely busy as it is for casuals

but a real privilege to join with people

In their hour of need


Colleagues generally kind and supportive

one workplace is a dingy dungeon

the other light bright and cheerful


Still only partial net access with no time

hence my lack of posts and reading!

But this is the dream and it will unfold


Need to find a like-minded landlord

one who will let me do what’s needed

one who doesn’t treat me as his side show!