Enjoy Life!

when life seems to cause the blues
brighten yourself up with many hues

find something to make you laugh
then laugh and laugh until you baff

wear something sexy or cheerful
ardently avoid the grey and tearful

dance away to your favourite tune
muck about, play the buffoon

life is far too short
so don’t get caught

wasting it in an unfitting mood
make fun, be a real playful dude!

dedicated to Nat a lovely young lady who passed this week, cancer took her too soon!


  1. Beautiful… It always has an effect on me when I hear that someone was lost to cancer. It’s especially tough because I refused to let it take me, and continue to do so. It’s ugly and it’s not right.

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  2. So sorry about the loss of your friend Nat. I know so many others that were taken far too soon. I agree with your poem’s message – Enjoy every moment! Don’t waste one second.

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  3. 😦 Oh, no! 😦 Is that the young lady you shared with us in the recent past? This makes me so sad. I will keep her family in my thoughts and prayers. Gone way too soon. 😦

    I bet your poem in her honor has her smiling down on you. 🙂

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