tiny hm

Sorry for my absence, my tiny home arrived amid pouring rain … great for those experiencing drought but not ideal for parking a large unit in a tiny space!

tiny bedroom_02

Took two days just to park it … solar is working fine, so fridge and cooking ok.  But limited water and using a broken porta-loo.  Setting up a compost toilet is a major undertaking.  Fortunately my landlord and his mates are practical helpful men.

These are the builders photo shoot shots.  There is a lot to setting up an off-grid home and I haven’t organised wifi yet.  Hence my lack of blogging and even if I had wifi I’ve been way too tired, not used to physical labour!

So please excuse me a while until I settle and get organised … routine will return eventually.  Meanwhile I know that this is my forever home, love it!  Not my forever park as this farm is far too busy … people coming and going daily to buy alpacas, fleeces, water, eggs, etc. plus all the guests … farm stays and students.