Moved In

tiny hm

Sorry for my absence, my tiny home arrived amid pouring rain … great for those experiencing drought but not ideal for parking a large unit in a tiny space!

tiny bedroom_02

Took two days just to park it … solar is working fine, so fridge and cooking ok.  But limited water and using a broken porta-loo.  Setting up a compost toilet is a major undertaking.  Fortunately my landlord and his mates are practical helpful men.

These are the builders photo shoot shots.  There is a lot to setting up an off-grid home and I haven’t organised wifi yet.  Hence my lack of blogging and even if I had wifi I’ve been way too tired, not used to physical labour!

So please excuse me a while until I settle and get organised … routine will return eventually.  Meanwhile I know that this is my forever home, love it!  Not my forever park as this farm is far too busy … people coming and going daily to buy alpacas, fleeces, water, eggs, etc. plus all the guests … farm stays and students.


  1. This looks lovely Kate. Take time to settle down and don’t wear yourself out. Whether you have wifi or not, we are all here and wait for your updates whenever you find time and connection. ☺️

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    • thanks for understanding … I have also just started a new intense job, casual but demanding … love it but have a full time contract this month, so much new info, people, etc to absorb so things will go slowly as I adjust to this new life!

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  2. I’ve seen a number of tiny homes on HGTV, but yours appears to equal or exceed all of them in both beauty and functionality, Kate. May you enjoy many years there living the life you of your dreams! 🙂

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  3. Lovely colors and accents. It looks so inviting. Looks peaceful; I would need those sounds you mentioned to make me peaceful. I don’t like too much solitude. Relax and rest if possible.

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    • lol not possible with full-time contract this month, setting up, unpacking and organising … but it will be so worth it … amazing how everything happens at once 🙂

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  4. Your forever home is beautiful. I love your colour scheme. How I admire your lifestyle choices. I hope your forever park finds you as soon as you are ready for it.

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  5. Congrats on your new and forever home kate…and i an so thrilled to read your story of moving in..i can only imagine the fun of setting up a tiny home in the middle of a farm where people are busy going back and forth…

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    • sure is …. need a few panels on other side, water tank, compost loo is actually quite complicated to set up … thank heavens my landlord is practical, it’s all russian to me 🙂


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