Human Resilience

For far too many life is like a kite
bobbing and bouncing in the sky
only connected by a thin thread
Resilience ensures we try

We all have a strong inner core
Persistence is essential
as we face each challenge
and live to our full potential!

Resilience abides inside
often overlooked until needed
Then it comes to the fore
Look inside and heed it!



  1. This is a message that people need to be reminded about. We don’t really know how much strength we have until adversity faces us head on. Knowing that a “reserve” of persistence as well as patience exists within each of us is a comforting thought. many will appreciate your poem.

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  2. You never realize the strength you have inside of you until you need it. All the very best to you Kate for the New Year, I wish you good health and lots of happiness and Peace for us all. Take care, Anna.

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  3. What is life about?

    Years have seemed to pass like seconds. A familiar face in the market has brought back all the nostalgia and memories. Days turn into nights and weekends turn to weekdays and we work on and on , like machines , grinding against the noise , to support ourselves and the ones we hold dear. But have we ever stopped for a single minute, to not do anything, to just breathe , to just be?  The years have taught us a great many lessons , we have laughed , we have cried , we have feared , we have felt joy , sadness ,anger ,betrayal and loss , euphoria , madness , relief , jealousy and every other emotion on a spectrum . We have traveled , met people, felt lonely , connected with people and the internet , listened to people, listened to songs, got a new haircut , read things , wrote things and talked. But ever have we introspected ourselves, our emotional growth and our soul’s whispers? Have we ever really asked ourselves what is it that we really want , what is it that we are here for? Have we ever told ourselves that life isn’t about materialistic things and cars and jewellery, technological devices and watches ,rather,Its about making people smile , being there for others and for ourselves. Its about dancing in the rain , counting the clouds with a six year old. Its about long walks and late night talks. Its about the people we meet and connect with. Its about helping and being a shoulder to cry on. Life is all about the summer and the sweet smell of it. 

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