The women are shouting angry protests
a healthy outlet for centuries of suppression and abuse
Rape, violence and death now in the public arena
Indian men can’t get much meaner

They overdose daily on a banquet of porn
leaving women and children with souls and bodies torn
everyone feeling helpless, forlorn
These Indian men deserve public scorn!

Unless the good ones stand up and shout
educate and publicise what abuse is about
Real men should protect girls of all ages
Indian men who transgress, lock them in cages!

Their rape, violence and mutilation send emotions into rages
educate them on acceptable behaviour in stages
All should coexist in harmony and mutual care
Indian men must treat all equal and fair

Please learn and grow
for we reap the seeds we sow
Ensure those who abuse and rape
are given no excuse to escape

Indian men must create their own solution
For this inexcusable, inhumane pollution!

One young man only got three years for rape and murder …
the Indian govt is changing his identity and wiping his record … is this justice?
12.7.18 latest BBC report on escalating numbers