Lived in the Himalayan forest
Where monkeys travel in family groups
Constantly looking for mischief

A kind neighbour noticed them splashing in puddles
So he built a pool the length of his house
Narrow and only a foot deep

Became monkey heaven as they swam and swung
From overhanging branches to splash
Each other and enjoy wet cool fun

They targeted some as they backpacked their groceries
For a foreign feast of real treats
Had mine better trained

As they’d wait in line to collect my kitchen scraps
But if I left my book for a moment
They’d sit in my chair to read it

While the gang stood around
Seemed like laughter abound
Then off they’d scamper to find more fun

Could not dry our washing until night
Or they’d snatch it and climb to such dizzying heights
Undies un-retrievable as they waved from the treetops

These mischief-makers got me in trouble
When one day he snatched a tourist’s shoulder bag
Opening each zip and emptying it out

From a low branch quite near where I sat
Passport, purse and papers
Clapped to frighten him to drop that bag

Just collecting it all to find the owner
When round the corner she spotted me with her bag open
Things in my hand, she really didn’t understand!