Intrepid Trekkers

Pristine, untouched by foreigners, no accommodation available, no soft drinks or street cooking available. Annapurna in the mid seventies were something spectacular. One had to purchase their limited supplies locally, imports didn’t arrived in Nepal until much later.

Landed there on my birthday to start my big adventure while back home my friends were becoming parents and sacrificing their life for a mortgage. I was following my dream to explore the world on my terms … it was safe then!

Plenty of drugs around then, mostly hash and heroin but no alcohol as it was a ‘dry’ country. Was determined to celebrate my birthday but that didn’t eventuate until my twenty-sixth.

Word amongst the ‘freaks’ was to hang around the bakeries to meet with other intrepid trekkers then find a local to guide and carry. But we were so intrepid we decided to go it alone. Carry our own packs with a map and compass. Really what could go wrong … we were young fit and infallible.

So off we set an American, Canadian and two Aussies and what a trek. The locals were as excited as us as they fought over who would erect our tents and blow up our air mats. Food was scarce so it was a diet of spuds over our camp cookers and anything the locals shared.

We trekked marvelling at the majestic views, barely able to stay awake to prepare our food. There were no T-shirts or badges to boast that we had done it but I wore the real scars from climbing. A broken heart when my local friend had to be left behind as I continued the overland route to London. More adventures without my soul mate who had no passport or English.

They’d said it wouldn’t work …

Written for Carrot Ranch:  You must use the revealed prompt: “scars from climbing”
                                                 You must write your story in 297 words (exactly]


    • lol I’m hoping so as they are having four similar prompts so I’m hoping to follow this up, then the final five will have a writing marathon … doubt I will be there but ready to try 🙂

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