Conquering Torment

Harry was well outside the ‘norm’
so different that he didn’t try to conform
he stretched all limitations.

Found his tormentors arose from his imagination,
mere reflections of his own fear and hate
only conquered by being compassionate.

With support of like-minded friends
He found the strength to send
Those tormentors to their end …

A demonstration that conforming can distort
As compromise can limit our potential!

Clarifies that we can confront our fears and failings
With the support of genuine friends

That ‘enemies’ are our own invention.
Loving kindness the best solution.

With effort and patience we can transcend
Our disturbing moods and emotions,
Allowing peace and calm to descend.

So why limit your potential?
Wrong friends drain our life force!
Anger and greed make us ugly inside and out
Fears and worries a useless waste of energy.

If Harry could conquer his foes
We can surely confront our woes?
Beat those emotional lows
and ensure that your real potential grows.

21.2.07, edited 24.2.17 – a continuation of the Harry Potter theme!


  1. Brutus sat shaking in sad introspection
    Timidly terrified of his reflection
    Craving for confidence before retribution
    Wondering what would be his contribution

    Then when slept he escaped and he dreamed
    Of a world where nothing was quite as it seemed
    Where no-one was watching his every move
    In a world within which he had nothing to prove

    When he awoke he was new, he was strong
    Despite his mistakes he’d done nothing wrong
    He confronted incompetence without further care
    He looked in the mirror. He liked what was there.

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  2. As Harry has learned ‘magic’ is a responsibility a well as a gift.
    Words can be magic especially when good intentions are coupled with a smile.

    Sometimes just a little change of perception can make a big difference. 🙂

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  3. Conforming can distort, compromise can limit – very true words and ones I have taken a lifetime to accept! Thank you for this reinforcement of the wonderful message of Harry Potter.

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