Define ‘WEALTH’

What is wealth?
Having physical and mental health
Not letting life slip by stealth

Enough to pay the bills
Sleeping well, avoiding pills
Energy to climb those hills

Having emotional well-being
Watch worldly distractions fleeing
Aware sincere inner seeing

Don’t need any fancy frills
But game enough to try the thrills
Not growing is what really kills!

 How do you define wealth, what does it mean to you?


  1. That’s the best definition for wealth!!

    For me wealth would to find reasons to smile though everything, a smile that’s truthful.

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  2. Sweetheart do you think it funny
    That I love you for your money?
    For us in sickness and in health
    Forever bonded by your wealth?

    How much I love you, count the ways
    Of how our close arrangement pays
    And how erotic the amount
    Stashed safely in your bank account

    Of course I’ve loved you from the start
    Loved your body, loved your heart
    So look at me and you can see
    Just what your money does for me

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  3. To be wealthy is to have a lot of money,
    to have underlings laugh when your jokes aren’t funny,
    to have servants wipe your nose when it is runny…

    It’s about being friends with movie stars,
    driving expensive Italian cars
    to have a seat reserved when they go to Mars.

    Sure I’d rather be very happy
    And, I’d like my life to be less crappy
    But, I hate to end a poem that sappy…

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  4. Wealth is being in harmony to myself.

    Being wealthy is when you cherish your kids and are amused to see them grow day by day.

    Being wealthy is when you fall and rise in love with your spouse each day.

    Being wealthy is to have the blessings of your parents and family with you.

    Being wealthy is to have a satisfactory job profile yet equally challenging each day.

    Being wealthy is when being on vacation is just a change of place and when you enjoy every second of your blesssed life.

    Being wealthy is having an heart to help anyone in need.
    , in whatever what one can .

    Wishing everyone a healthy life.

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