Completed a mental health first aid course, yes just like those first aid courses we often have to do for our workplace which include CPR, etc. except that this one focused on how to assist someone having an episode or drama in their life from the stranger in the supermarket, to a colleague or neighbour, etc. At least 1 in 5 people do experience a mental health issue so if not us then we would all know someone affected.

Here is sunny oz our top mental health “disorders” are:
Anxiety, depression, substance misuse, bipolar, schizophrenia – that’s in order and of course some will have a blend of these.

Under substance misuse 5.1% – alcohol accounts for a hefty 4.3% of that total; then weed, amphetamines [ice, speed], cocaine, inhalants.

Many will have a few episodes of the above which are only deemed a “mental disorder” by the DSMV [psychiatrists diagnostic manual 2013], when the episodes or usage affects a person’s behaviour, thoughts and emotional state which disrupts their ability to work or carry out other daily activities and engage in satisfying relationships.

We gained insight on how to approach, assess and assist; listen without judgment; give information; encourage professional and other support – please visit their website as these courses are taught in 23 countries or can be done on-line

How has mental health impacted on your life?