Leaving …

I wanted to capture the essence of travelling! 
So you see the rainbow and the grey rain as I leave,
my bus driver is reflected in the window

 Tuesday Photo Prompt – Dichotomy
… the skies weep at my departure whilst the rainbow hails new beginnings

inspired by Rupali’s train photos …


  1. Well you’re lucky that you at least could see the beauty of rainbow but here it’s rare to see it . Australia is such wonderful country . Wish if I could go there once in my life . Well it was a perfect picture Kate . Good shot . 🙂

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  2. Kate, congratulations on your motivation to start all these new ventures. No ruts for you. You are a top notch member of a blogging community and I will miss you if you have to slow down, but priorities are important. Blessings on you in your new community of friends and activities.

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  3. Reflections within photos are always fun.
    Did I send you the rainbow photo I took from above – from a out a plane window.

    I captured some from outside my home the other day…but they aren’t on my pc yet.

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  4. What beautiful inspiration you have in Rupali’s photos! 🙂
    Your photo of the rain and rainbow is magnificent! 🙂
    Happy travels! 🙂
    Best wishes on the changes you are navigating in your life! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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