Of all the living creatures on this planet
I’m not a fish, a coral, an oyster or sea mite,
I’m not an eagle, a sparrow, a seagull or kite,
I’m not a worm, an ant, grasshopper or a gnat,
I’m not a horse, a cow, a dog or even a cat!
Indeed I am much more fortunate than that!
How amazing that I have been born a human!

Of all the hardships that face those on this planet,
I’m not in a country ravaged by war,
Not in a place with incurable diseases galore,
Not fearful of famine, crop failures and more,
Not where floods frequent or wild winds blow for sure.
Not overwhelmed by poverty with beggars by the score.
So amazing that I have peace, safety, sufficient and shelter!

Of all the complications one may face on this planet,
I’m not abused or beaten each day,
I don’t lack self-worth; and am allowed my say,
I’m not coping with deafness, a lost limb or worse,
I seem to be free of depression, fears and all curse,
I have no on-going health problems that can make one terse,
Truly amazing! I have good health and faculties in tact!

Of all the distractions that abound on this planet,
I’m not preoccupied with fame, fortune or being slim,
I’m not tempted by tennis, soccer or the gym,
I’m not absorbed in computers, music or shops,
I’m not locked into a career, family or debt,
I’m not distracted by social life or home duties,
Awesome, amazing! I am free to seek inner growth!

 ccc 14.12.2006