Uncle Herb

Had an amazing experience volunteering at the Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival.  It was the very first one with little time to organise!  They showcased many writers, slam poets, workshops with a focus on our First Australians, environment and  surfing culture – so loads of choice!

One of several duties I have is host to this most delightful gentleman!

A story-teller and the rest … several comments that are well worth repeating “there is only ONE race in this world, the human race with many tribes and languages“.

He wonders why Australians are complaining about the current boat people, mainly Afghans and Syrians, who are risking their lives literally to get to Australia and safety.  As he calmly points out they are of a much better quality than the original boat people who landed 200 years ago – the English invasion where they sent boat loads of convicts!

Being a drover he drank and smoked heavily and when he started to write with a pencil stub taken from the TAB [betting agency] he decided that he couldn’t keep smoking and that it wasn’t an addiction.  So he stopped there and then.  Admits he did keep a tin of tobacco and roll a few just to put unlit into his mouth and then tossed it away.  He should have a job on our Quit line!

Share an interesting character you have met?


  1. I knew a woman who had smoked four packs a day and quit cold turkey. She also had a hard beginning and eventually a settled life. But she never wrote. Full of tenacity and courage. At least I have a few stories that I can perhaps write for her. (Have written… somewhere.)

    Yes, we are all one people. So many similarities that should be accepted. Unfortunately there are too many who would rather be separatists.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful experience with tons of inspiration to be shared. Are you safe and home now? Have you found the ‘country song’ or do I need to resend it?

    I’m still trying to grow some Monarchs… some seem to grow faster than others. None have made cocoons yet. I did take some photos. But it will be a while before I share them. I want to get more to sort of complete the process.

    Cheers, Jules

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  2. Sounds like an amazing man! 🙂
    I’ve met a LOT of interesting characters. I seem to attract them! 😉
    Just one is Dom…he was born and raised in New York and got involved with a mob gang at a young age. He went into prison at age 18 and spent 20+ years there. I met him after he got out. He is a very nice, funny man and has wild stories to tell. He got out of prison and got 3 degrees and a good job and got married. His whole life has changed for the better. 🙂 I did a blot post on him in July of 2014 called “Fear…Fear Itself”. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. “there is only ONE race in this world, the human race with many tribes and languages“.

    While this remark doesn’t allow for the existence of non-human animals, I understand the intention behind it, and agree whole-heartedly.

    I’ve tagged you in a lyrical challenge. I hope that’s OK with you xx

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  4. I would love to hear more from uncle herb! In America these people are being banned and it is so sad to see people so desperate. Yes we are one race if people would just realize it.

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