We’ll never know what day
the manner or the way
in which death will have its say
for we are not here to stay

Lying dying on your bed
car keys and investments by your head,
precious belongings stacked nearby,
relatives and friends around you cry.

None are of any benefit as we die
They create dilemmas as we lie
Only confusing us as we try
To let go of all that might tie

Us to this world, body and ‘my’
Best we despatch without a sigh.
What can help us get by?
Morality which one can’t buy

Start it now before you’re nigh,
Then one can leave on a high.
Let your spirit truly fly!
Why settle for less as you vie

For that seat in heaven or rebirth.
Don’t let fear deprive you of mirth,
Face the inevitability of death now.
Make a will, think of it somehow.

Decide how to distribute all;
Be well prepared for that final call.
As one is never sure
when or how we leave this core.

ccc 4.2.07


  1. So realistic! Superb Kate . I appreciate the way you expressed this informative And inspiring thoughts . Everything looks so real Kate . You even don’t know but many people out there are being inspired by your poems . You’ll be an inspiration for all of us . You’re gonna be in limelight soon I hope . Best of luck ahead ! 🙂 ❤

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    • lol sorry been off air with travel as I’m visiting my mother … have published another poem on spillwords, will give you the link once it goes live. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

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  2. Hi Kate, I have worked in End of Life Care as Hospital Social Worker. Because of my experiences with others who were ill prepared I have ensured both my daughter and son know of my wishes. If something were to happen suddenly I have wrote letters with more information. I am lucky in that my daughter also works in End of Life Care and we talk about the issues openly. More discussion is need in this area for most people though, I love how your writing engages people to think about it more

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