Resilience is the ability to cope, adapt and recover from difficult experiences such as trauma, sickness, adversity, threats, divorce, tragedy or financial/work stressors

  • check your resilience by listing the for and against
    … there maybe more positives than you thought! 
  • know that there will be tests but we have survived them all so far
    … so we can survive the worst possible case scenario
  • ask for the support of those who care … people want to help! 
  • move towards our end goal, slowly but surely things will improve 
  • persistence will ensure we grow stronger and stronger with each challenge.

This way we learn from each experience and adapt quicker; we prioritize those relationships that support us, and avoid the toxic ones! Our communication skills and empathy improve, we become more authentic, we avoid blocks and games, and we grow with every experience.

It’s all about making lemonade out of the lemons life throw us, and knowing that we do have the ability and resources to turn it around!

How strong is your resilience?