Are you fit and trim?
Tall or short but slim?
Workout regularly at the gym?
Monitor the diet to keep that vim?

Work only on the notorious case?
Sort the kid’s trouble without any trace?
Golf only with those who are ace?
Have the sporty car but don’t race?

Hair always done at The right place?
Pamper your body, nails or face?
Cultivate those with a solid base?
Avoid shoes you have to lace?

Got it all sorted but …
Still feel empty in the gut?
Not sure how to escape this rut?
Wonder about that isolated hut.

Consider saving that mistreated mutt
but scared others may think you a nut?
Envy and pride we have to cut,
avoid temptation to ‘tut tut’

You know the solution!
Cease your self-focused delusion;
Control your emotional pollution;
Learn to resolve mental confusion.

You’ve read the books.
Find a guide or group who looks
like they have sussed your quirky nooks.
Give it a go, see what cooks!

ccc 18.12.2006