We may think we are sane
yet our mind is so full of pain;
anger, jealousy and ignorance
cloud our very existence.

Emotions run riot,
our unstable mental diet.
E stands for eternal,
motions = large surf waves.

We seldom try to tame them
Yet we are so quick to judge
others’ emotional maturity
or mental stability?

How are we any different?
Each one of us full of mental dis ease
as we let our delusions rule us!
So don’t label others if you please

Just try one minute
with no thoughts in it?
It’s scary to know
we don’t run our own show.

Our jumbled crazy thoughts
as we keep too busy,
trying to avoid owning we are tizzy,
we fool ourselves about our sanity.

Try and train your mind
quiet those thoughts that unwind
our emotions which lead us blind
causing real havoc … what could we find?

ccc 4.8.05 – personally I think you would have to be insane to take such a leap, talking about the para-gliders in the photo!