What do you consider most valuable?
Properties and great wealth;
Good looks and health;
or status and reputation?

A nice home and good family;
Secure job with high pay;
Close friends and a fine day;
Compatible partner who wont stray?

All are worthy for our life
But often at death we get into strife.
Anxious about leaving the above behind
Fear and regret play with our mind.

Heard it suggested that we spend fifty
Percent of our time on deeper matters
More profitable for our lives,
Yet for worldly gains we have strong drives.

Family complications can cause hives;
Stress and losses send us into downward dives;
Competition and games bring out sharp knives;
Inner peace is all high fives!

Attained through moral discipline
Those who live ethically develop inner power,
On any they meet great joy does shower
Bliss’s one out for many an hour

Review your values, don’t become sour.
Then on death you will not cower
Ethical morals truly empower
Prepare now and let your heart flower.

ccc 13.1.07