Me mate Noddy along with his father and brothers were sailors of the high seas. Transported troops across the watery abyss to fight on foreign shores. Knowing many would n’er return and those that did were haunted.

Cruised up and down the Vietnamese coast dropping phosphorous bombs on villages while sleeping in their bunks. Their blood contaminated yet officials denied any blame.

Their own uni students sent care packages to the enemy, they know coz they saw the stamped packaging. Then media and the politicians spread enough scuttlebutt to sink a battle ship.

Is this the way to treat our troops!


Word of the Day – Piffle


    • exactly George, it’s like they set them up for trauma and then perpetuate it by making our troops jump through hoops to get reasonable compensation … it’s all wrong 😦

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  1. Very though-provoking read, really enjoyed this!
    If you like, I was going to signpost some great writers/poets/advice bloggers in my next Mystery Blogger Award. Would you like your blog linked as a good fiction site for new readers to check out?

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  2. Ahhh this is terribly unacceptable Kate. Reminds me of a similar incidenr (only inland)among our military troops..they were to capture an international terrorist hiding in one of our far flung provinces…when the military arrived they were surprised that the said terrorist is under the protection of a local liftest group thus, an encounter happened and when our troops requested for back one arrived…44 of them brutally died and killed and the governent simplu said it was too late to send back up.

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